Thursday, July 30, 2009

Just in Time for Weekend Entertaining!

Heather has finally had some time to share a couple of quick appetizer recipe's with us, and while she was able to squeeze in a few minutes to jot them down, she has been so busy showing houses that she hasn't had time to make these scrumptious creations for me. With that being said, I decided to give them a try and see if I could live up to her reputation and deliver some yummy-tasting treats as well as grab some pictures to share. So, I gathered all the ingredients and ran to the kitchen to get started.

Caprese on a Stick: Mini mozzarella, sun dried tomatoes (cherry tomatoes are fine too) fresh basil. Get a wooden skewer, put a mozzarella ball on, then a tomato, then a small piece of basil followed by another mozzarella ball, another tomato, another basil, etc.... Enjoy!

I LOVE tomatoes, so I used both grape tomatoes and sundried tomatoes. The sundried tomatoes provided a lot more flavor than the grape tomatoes, so I’ll skip the grape ones next time. There were no mini mozzarella balls to be found, so I used the medium sized ones, sliced into about ¼ inch and then cut in half. Some fresh basil and skewers, and viola, “CAPRESE ON A STICK” a'la Heather! Oh yeah, I lightly brushed the skewers with a little basil vinaigrette dressing for a bit of added zip.

Prosciutto & Melon: Prosciutto slices (Italian ham, more fatty and less salty than American ham, but this works with thinly sliced “traditional” ham as well)
Diced or balled melon – i.e.” cantaloupe or honeydew. Get a wooden skewer, start to “thread” the prosciutto on the stick, then a piece of fruit overlay the prosciutto, another piece of fruit, and finish with the prosciutto…Enjoy!

On to the Prosciutto and Melon skewers. I used sliced prosciutto (very thin) and diced cantaloupe and honeydew (for variety). The slices weren’t really long enough to “thread” as Heather had indicated in the recipe, so I took small slices and wrapped them around each diced piece of melon and put them on the skewer, alternating the cantaloupe and honeydew.

Hope you enjoy these recipes from Heather, and I hope I’ve done her justice. Thanks for sharing, Heather, and we're looking forward to more of your yummy recipes!


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Meet Heather!

I'd like to introduce you to Heather! She's a third generation Realtor® located in West Broward County who not only has a passion for helping you find that perfect home, but absolutely LOVES to hang out in the kitchen creating awesome meals for family and friends.

Heather stays very, very busy. If she's not running around showing and listing properties, she can be found at the local supermarket picking up a "few things" for dinner. She is very fond of spicy foods and she loves to blend the perfect spices for that very special and "unique" flavor. Kinda the same thing she does when helping you find that perfect home. Heather takes the time to get to know you and your desired list of "ingredients". She blends it all together to create the perfect recipe for the perfect home.

Heather is also "mommy" to three adorable kitty's, Heathrow, Teal'C and D'Argo who continue to provide lots of love and lots of humor and lots of comfort to her busy life. They are, one might say, a little on the "spoiled" side, being that they drink their water from crystal and have been known to "assist" in the office work, by either keeping feet warm or helping type as the next listing is being entered. They are also quite good at nudging their little heads under fingers in order to get a little scratch behind the ears...after all, they come FIRST!

Hope you come back often, you never know what story will be shared could be an awesome recipe, a funny story 'bout the kittys or the awesome house that just listed and/or sold. We could even share one of the many wild and crazy happenings of Heather's wild and crazy days!

Which reminds me 'bout the time Heather had to make a quick "pit-stop" and wound up saving some lady's life.......hmmmmm.....we'll save that story for another post!